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Looking to buy the Rogers Cup tickets for the 2020 edition of the competition? This is where we describe all the options and the ticket release dates.

The Rogers Cup is an ATP Masters 1000 & WTA Premier Mandatory tennis tournament that is held in Canada every year.

The unique aspect of this elite event is the fact that the two cities of Canada, Toronto and Montreal, alternate hosting duties of the event. The ATP Rogers Cup 2019 was held in Toronto, which means Montreal will host the 2020 edition of the event while the WTA edition will be held in Toronto.

Rogers Cup is an exciting event to attend in person to experience the wonderful tennis and the electric crowd there. The 2020 edition will take place in the week between August 8 to 16.

For tennis fans around the world wanting to visit Canada for the ATP and WTA Rogers Cup competition, also called the Canadian Masters or Canadian Open, we have all the information on how to buy these tickets.

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When will the Rogers Cup Tickets for 2020 be released?

The 2020 Rogers Cup tickets will be out early in 2020.

Usually the Rogers Cup tickets for the season are released in the month of January but we will have more information on that once the organisers have something for us.

Some of the information provided below is based on the 2019 edition of the tournament.

How to Buy Rogers Cup tickets?

Rogers Cup Official Website

As always, the best option for buying tickets is the official website of the event. The Rogers Cup tickets for 2020 will be available here.

The Rogers Cup has categorised the different seatings as Level 100, Level 200 and Level 300. Level 100 seats are the closest rows to the court, with Level 200 seats coming after that and Level 300 seats farthest from the court.

More information on the different types of tickets and the Rogers Cup ticket prices can be found in the section below.

Other Rogers Cup tickets options

While we would always recommend you to buy tickets for the Rogers Cup using the official website above, there is always that chance of some of the tickets getting sold out before you can lay your hands on it. Especially if the big tennis guns are playing on that day.

In such cases, there are a few secondary ticket sale options. These are secondary market-places that allow tennis fans to buy or sell tickets and our choices mentioned below are very secure too. However, we must forewarn you since these are websites are market-places which allow fans to decide on their own price; hence these could be higher than the printed price on the tickets.

Our first option is from where you can not just buy the Rogers Cup tickets of your choice but also other tennis tickets.

The second recommendation we can give you is StubHub, which is very similar to Viagogo and allows fans to buy and sell Rogers Cup tickets. Again, the price might be slightly higher than the actual listed price of the tickets based on the demand for those day’s matches.

Different Types Rogers Cup Tickets & Prices

Centre Court Ticket Prices

You can buy tickets the Centre Court which will give you a reserved seat on the court and also access to all other courts. This access to other courts includes the level 200 on the National Bank Court too.

The prices of the tickets will vary according to the day you want to attend the event. On the day of the first round, tickets are priced as follows:

Level 100 tickets start from $112, Level 200 and 300 tickets start from $32 and the press Gallery tickets start from $100.

Press Gallery Ticket Prices

The Press Gallery tickets gives you tickets, food and access to the Press Gallery Lounge.

The prices of the tickets on the final day are as follows:

The Level 100 tickets start from $412, Level 200 and 300 tickets will start from $135 and the Press Gallery tickets will start from $350.

National Bank Court Ticket Prices

You can also buy tickets for the National Bank Court, which is the second show court after the Centre Court. You can buy tickets for seating on only Level 100, since the Level 200 seats are reserved for individuals holding a Centre Court ticket.

These seats on the Level 200 are limited and hence will be on first come, first serve basis.

The National Bank court will hold matches from Round 1 to the quarterfinals and the prices will vary according to the session you go for. The prices range from $15 to $55.

The best thing about tickets to this court is that the prices are set in proportion to the number of matches that will be played there on the given day. What this means is that the cheapest tickets are actually for the quarterfinals of the event at $15 while the third round tickets for 13th August are the costliest at $55.

This way you can choose what you think is better; pay more to watch more matches or pay less and watch a few but more crunch matches.

Rogers Cup Hospitality & Packages

The Rogers Cup has put up packages for the event for different needs and budgets. You can go for the one that suits you best.

On-Court Seat

The full-week package includes on-court seats at the Centre Court, reserved parking space, access to stadium vis Players’ VIP Entrance, an invitation to the opening night cocktail party, access to the Club Platine and the VIP BMW Salon.

You also get priority renewal for the next year’s edition along with tax donation receipt for a third of the price.

The price of this package starts from $6250.

Level 100

The full week package for Level 100 comes with parking, access to Club Platine and/or VIP BMW Salon and also priority renewal at a preferential rate for the next year’s edition. The price for this package starts from $1,255.

Level 200

In this package you will get choice seats in the Level 200 category in the Centre Court at 50% off regular price. The seats in the first four rows will also include access to the VIP BMW Salon. The prices of this package starts at $595.

Press Gallery Series Tickets

This package includes seats with an incredible view of the action on Centre Court along with access to the Press Gallery Lounge which is a private space that will also serve food and non-alcoholic beverages. The seating is in Level 300.

The price of this package starts from $1,575.

National Bank Series Tickets

This includes choice seating on the National Bank COurt in Level 100. The seating will be reserved and you will also have the option of seat renewal for the next edition. The price starts from $250.

Group and Suites

The Rogers Cup also provides some good deals for groups and suite tickets.

Private Suites

This includes a private suite that looks onto the Centre Court. These suites can comfortably accommodate 20 to 40 people. It includes reserved parking spaces as well.

The price for this starts from $4,500/day.

Group Tickets

A group of minimum 15 people can benefit with a discount for regular tickets for seats on the Centre Court in Level 200 and Level 300. The discount starts from 15%.

You can check out their website for more details on the tickets and packages here. You can also book your tickets by phone call. Call the Tennis Canada’s ticket office at 514-273-1515 ext. 1 or the toll free number at 1-855-836-6470.

You may also go in person to book your tickets at the STADE IGA reception at: 285, rue Gary-Carter, Monreal, H2R 2W1.