Dominic Thiem is expected to lead the action at the Generali Pro Series in what would be a round-robin exhibition competition in Austria. All the information about this tournament including the Austria Generali Pro Series live streaming, schedule and players in action will be updated in the sections mentioned below.

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What is the Generali Pro Series?

The Generali Pro Series is an exhibition competition which will be held in Austria over a two and a half week period. It will have both, men and women participating and the draw will consist of 16 players from the ATP circuit and 8 from the WTA list.

The tournament will be based on a round-robin basis like some of the other tournaments like the Tennis Point Exhibition Series, with world number three Dominic Thiem leading the way.

Given the situation globally because of the pandemic, the tournament won’t have anyone except the players and the chair umpire manning the games; definitely no spectators or line umpires or even ball-boys and girls. A prize money of over €150,000 will be on offer.

Generali Pro Series Player List – Who is Playing?

The player list for the Generali Pro Series has been released and 16 men’s and 8 women’s players from Austria should form a part of the draw.

Dominic Thiem leads the way and some of the other men’s players include the likes of Dennis Novak, Jurgen Melzer and Sebastian Ofner. The women’s draw has Barbara Haas and Tamira Paszek as the leading players while there will also be players ranked down the WTA charts.

Player List

Men’s Singles

  • Dominic Thiem
  • Dennis Novak
  • Jurij Rodionov
  • Sebastian Ofner
  • Lucas Miedler
  • Sam Weissborn
  • Jürgen Melzer
  • Phillip Oswald
  • David Pichler
  • Alex Erler
  • Lenny Hampel
  • Max Neuchrist
  • Sandro Kopp
  • Lukas Neumayer
  • Marko Andrejic
  • Moritz Thiem

Women’s Singles

  • Barbara Haas
  • Tamira Paszek
  • Julia Grabher
  • Melanie Klaffner
  • Mira Antonitsch
  • Irina Dshandshgava
  • Sinja Kraus
  • Elena Karner

Men’s Player Draw

  • Group A: Dominic Thiem, Miedler, Pichler, Kopp
  • Group B: Rodionov, Melzer, Hampel, Andrejic
  • Group C: Novak, Weissborn, Erler, Neumayer
  • Group D: Ofner, Oswald, Neuchrist, Moritz Thiem

Women’s Player Draw

  • Group A: Haas, Paszek, Antonitsch, Dshandshgava
  • Group B: Grabher, Klaffner, Kraus, Karner

Generali Pro Series Schedule & Dates

This competition will begin from May 25 and go on till the second week of June. The exact schedule, dates and order of play for the 2020 Generali Pro Series has been updated below. Below is the schedule for the first round of matches. The second round matches will be released at the end of the first round.

May 25

  • 12 noon: Dominic Thiem v David Pichler
  • 2 pm: Jurgen Melzer v Lenny Hampel
  • 4 pm: Jurji Rodionov v Marko Andrejic
  • 6 pm: Lucas Miedler v Sandro Kopp

May 26

  • 10 am: Lenny Hampel v Marko Andrejic
  • 12 noon: Jurgen Melzer v Jurji Rodionov
  • 4 pm: Dominic Thiem v Lucas Miedler
  • 6 pm: David Pichler v Sandro Kopp

May 27

  • 10 am: Jurji Rodinov v Lenny Hampel
  • 12 noon: Jurgen Melzer v Marco Andrejic
  • 4 pm: Dominic Thiem v Sandro Kopp
  • 6 pm: Lucas Miedler v David Pichler

May 28

  • 10 am: Group A 4th Place v Group B 4th Place
  • 12 noon: Group A 3rd Place v Group B 3rd Place
  • 4 pm: Group A 1st Place v Group B 1st Place
  • 6 pm: Group A 2nd Place v Group B 2nd Place

May 29

  • 10 am: Sam Weissborn v Lukas Neumayer
  • 12 noon: Max Neuchrist v Moritz Thiem
  • 2 pm: Dennis Novak v Alex Erler
  • 4 pm: Sebastian Ofner v Phillip Oswald

May 30

  • 10 am: Alex Erler v Lukas Neumayer
  • 12 noon: Phillip Oswald v Moritz Thiem
  • 2 pm: Dennis Novak v Sam Weissborn
  • 4 pm: Sebastian Ofner v Max Neuchrist

May 31

  • 10 am: Alex Erler v Sam Weissborn
  • 12 noon: Phillip Oswald v Max Neuchrist
  • 2 pm: Dennis Novak v Lukas Neumayer
  • 4 pm: Sebastian Ofner v Moritz Thiem

June 1

  • 10 am: Group C 4th Place v Group D 4th Place
  • 12 noon: Group D 3rd Place v Group D 3rd Place
  • 4 pm: Group D 2nd Place v Group D 2nd Place
  • 6 pm: Group D 1st Place v Group D 1st Place

What will be the Generali Pro Series Format?

The men’s singles format for this Generali Pro exhibition competition is an interesting one and allows the lower-ranked players to feature in a few matches too. The 16 men’s players will be divided into four groups of four apiece, and each player will play three matches in this round-robin format.

At the end of this first round of group-stage matches, the top three players will move into the second round where the 12 players will be divided into four groups of three players each. After each player has played a further two matches apiece, the top two players will then qualify for the final eight which will again see the players get divided into two groups of four each.

The top two from each group will then qualify for the semifinals, which will be followed by the final.

The women’s draw will begin from the same stage as the men’s final eight; i.e. the eight women will be divided into two groups of four each and the top two from each will then make the semifinals. This will be followed by the final.

Generali Pro Series Live Streaming Options

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How else to watch the Generali Pro Series 2020 live?

Here’s more information on the ways to watch the Ultimate Tennis Showdown on television and online streaming. All the matches of the Generali Pro Series will be live streamed with but to add to this, the Dominic Thiem matches will be telecast on Servus TV.

Are Generali Pro Series Tickets Available?

As mentioned earlier, this is a tournament which will follow all the norms set out in view of the corona pandemic. All matches in Austria will be played without any spectators on court, but if you still want a more engaging experience, the competition will have its betting markets open with bet365. Sign up here to get awesome odds with bet365 for the Generali Pro Series .