Wimbledon Tickets Ballot Registration Closes – What’s Next in Store for Wimbledon Fans?

Wimbledon Ballot Tickets Registration

The last day of registering for the Wimbledon ballot to stand a chance to purchase tickets for the 2020 Wimbledon elapsed on Monday, October 21. So what’s next for Wimbledon fans who are looking to buy the tickets for the next edition of the competition?

According to the Wimbledon tickets buying process mentioned on the official website, fans were expected to join myWimbledon in August before registering for the Ballot between September 9 and October 21 this year. If you are one of those who have registered at the official Wimbledon website for the same, then the next dates you should be looking at are between November 1 and 30 this year.

The Wimbledon tickets application process for those who have registered for the Ballot will start on November 1 and go all the way through to the end of the month. What fans will need to do during this period is to send across their application for the tickets without which they wouldn’t be eligible for them.

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From January 2020 onward, the ballot process will begin, i.e. fans will be informed if their application has been successful. This process will continue till June 2020, so don’t worry even if you aren’t among the early winners of the Wimbledon ballot.

The bigger question is what happens if you have missed out on registering for the Wimbledon ballot till yesterday. In that case, one of your options to buy these Wimbledon tickets would obviously get taken away but again, there are other available options.

You can buy Wimbledon tickets on the match day using Ticketmaster or you could queue up outside Wimbledon by camping overnight or even from the previous evening or if you could afford a tad more, you could buy Wimbledon debenture tickets.

More information on how to buy these Wimbledon tickets and the costs for them can be found here. Also find the official Wimbledon tickets costs here.

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