Tennis News Today: Judy Murray with An Andy Murray Injury Update

Andy Murray v James Ward live streaming

Judy Murray had an update for Andy Murray’s fans but they will have to wait for a while more if they want to watch him play.

Because Andy’s mom isn’t sure when he will be returning after having taken another break from tennis because of an issue with his hip. Already there are talks of Murray undergoing another hip surgery and if he does go ahead with that call, the rehabilitation could take its time according to Judy.

Speaking to The Daily Record, Judy admitted there were many Andy fans who wanted to know the answer to this question but she had no answers for them.

She said:

“Often the answer to that is ‘I don’t know’. Because you don’t know. You don’t know how long an injury is going to take to rehab or repair itself or what more you might have to go through. You do your rehab, you go back into training.”

Judy also explained it often took time to start playing a sport after undergoing a surgery of this nature. She said it needed the player to begin slowly and build the rhythm before one can even think of competing in tournaments.

She added:

“You can’t just go from doing nothing for a long time to doing five sets at the Australian Open, for example.”

As a result, Judy said, Murray would be refraining from rushing back to playing again.

Murray last featured in the European Cup in Antwerp at the ATP level, going on to beat Stan Wawrinka in the final to win the title. Since then he has played in only one match at the Davis Cup before withdrawing because of his fitness concerns.

He had earlier returned from his hip surgery after having earlier bowed out of the 2019 Australian Open in teary press conference where he claimed he might have played his last match despite expressing hope he would feature at the Wimbledon last year.

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