Tennis News Today: Nadal Gives an Opinion about US Open & French Open

Nadal thinks the season won't resume

Spaniard world number two Rafael Nadal reckons there will be no tennis this year and is more worried about whether or not the Australian Open will be played as scheduled next year.

Speaking to the Spanish newspaper El Pais, Nadal said he reckons there is a good chance there might not be any further tennis this year. And that includes the US Open which is scheduled to begin in August or the French Open which was postponed to after the US Open.

With tennis already suspended till mid-July, the hopes of resumption any time soon are fast receding with the coronavirus pandemic continuing to be an ongoing issue.

And that has led to many experts reckoning it could take some time before professional tennis resumes even as attempts have been made to play exhibition tournaments like the Tennis Point Exhibition Series in Germany. Nadal also thinks likewise and said:

“I hope we can return before the end of the year but unfortunately, I don’t think so.”

“I would sign up to being ready for 2021. I’m more worried about the Australian Open than what occurs at the end of this year. I think 2020 is practically lost. I hope we can start up again next year, I really hope that’s the case.”

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Nadal also made an interesting point about how this break affects a player like him who is closer to the end of his career than to the beginning. He said he felt they were losing a year of their life and it felt more valuable to him at this stage than he would have felt had he been 20.

Meanwhile German legend Boris Becker is still hopeful the two remaining Grand Slams, US Open and French Open are played because that would dictate how the rest of the calendar would go.

He said if the US Open did go ahead as planned, there could be a couple of other tournaments which might be played in USA as well. Becker also expressed surprise at the decision taken by the Canadian government to suspend all sports for the rest of the year in the country, saying there could have been a wait-and-watch policy adopted.

Becker cited the example of how the US Open organisers have decided to wait till June before making a final call on whether or not they would be able to go ahead with the competition.

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