Thiem Would Prefer Watching Paint Dry: Kyrgios

Kyrgios Has a Dig at Thiem, Djokovic

An InstaLive with Nick Kyrgios was never going to be without its moments and surely enough Andy Murray had those when the two of them went chatting live.

Among other things Kyrgios said, a spar at Novak Djokovic and Dominic Thiem and a dig at the relationship between Stefanos Tsitsipas and Alexander Zverev was at the centre of their chat.

Having earlier said he would like to do a social media live with Rafael Nadal, Kyrgios finally had bit of his wish granted when Murray agreed to talk with him on the condition “if he behaved”.

It would be interesting to get Murray’s perspective on whether the Aussie tennis star behaved himself during the chat but one thing’s for certain, Djokovic and Thiem might not be too happy.

Speaking about Murray’s career, Kyrgios said he “didn’t want to make this controversial” but he thought Murray was better than Djokovic. Explaining his stance, Kyrgios said Djokovic “was playing dodgeball on my serve, he couldn’t return it” unlike Murray who kept slapping it for a winner.

Murray asked Kyrgios about his emotional investment in the Laver Cup, to which the Aussie said, he loved playing in team events for Team World unlike the Team Europe, and added:

“It is fun, they are my best buds trying to beat some European guys who have no banter, don’t give one ‘f’ about each other and act like they care for each other for one week which p**** me off because they don’t.”

“Let’s be honest, Tsitsipas and Zverev hate each other, and they are besties all of a sudden?”

“Do you think me and Dominic Thiem would vibe? No. I am more invested in like, a nice cocktail, while Thiem would be like I want to see this paint dry.”

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Kyrgios also made a mention of his new tattoos on his left arm, noting it had taken more than 25 hours to get that inscribed.

When asked by Murray whether it pained him too much, the Aussie said, “not as much as it did when you cut me up at Wimbledon”, referring to their 2016 encounter in the fourth round where the Scot won in straight sets.

The Aussie revealed he had been updating his knowledge about red wines during the lockdown.

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