A tennis and sportswear legend Fred Perry invented the hit tennis wristbands. Since this invention many tennis personalities are often seen wearing them and not just at the highest level. One of the reasons why it became a wide-hit, especially in tennis as it absorbed sweat pretty quickly.

Tennis matches are known to be very intense and last long at the same time. When you realize the amount of sun and the paved outdoor courts then you actually understand the use of these wristbands, also popularly called sweatbands. Nowadays these also come in different materials and colours which can go with your outfit which you’re wearing during the match.

So what are the main reasons why tennis players need wristbands?

There are a few reasons why tennis players wear wristbands but the biggest one of them is to prevent sweat from reaching the palm.

Prevents Sweat Around The Palms

The most obvious reason is to prevent sweat from getting to the palms.

Tennis players use a great amount of speed and energy while playing tennis and moving around the court. It is very difficult to keep up with the pace without actually sweating as much as tennis players do. (Read this excellent article by Patrick Hruby on how sweat is such a serious issue in tennis)

Sweat, is known as an indication that you’re doing something very tiring and intense. Moreover, it helps to stay cool and also eliminate waste through pores as a result of the energy being consumed and fat being burned.

Tennis racquets are obviously a very integral part of the entire game and they are usually held in one hand and so the arm pits and the hands don’t usually sweat a lot and all the sweat accumulates around the wrist.

So this is where wristbands come into play. Without one the player could be under a great disaster and this is why wristbands are used so that sweat trickle down to the grip and the player doesn’t lose control of the racquet.

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To Wipe Sweat From Their Foreheads

One usually sweats a lot when involved in some or the other sport and it is quite normal as the body movement trigger your sweat glands and they activate for a purpose of cooling all around your body but they do work extra religiously around your forehead.

Sweat takes away all the heat from your body and whenever a little (or more) wind blows it gives a cool feeling as the sweat is evaporated. While the body does this to keep you cool, sweat can be produced in large amounts given the amount of water in the body and the amount of heat around you.

Since sweat carries all the waste products from your body therefore it can taste salty when it comes in contact with your mouth as the waste mainly consists of salt. When it reaches your eyes, it’s a different – and a difficult – experience all together.

This sweat can cause distraction when it comes in contact with your eyes and cause temporary vision interference. This causes the players to shut their eyes or use the back of their hands to wipe the sweat away.

When tennis sweatbands are used they make it way easier as they are made from soft materials like cotton which are very absorbent. This can be used to wipe away the sweat and making no distractions during the game.

Brand Endorsement

Tennis players both women and men influence both men and women not only the sport but the audience from all around the world. When you hear names like Rafael or Serena your mind automatically goes to tennis and they are widely known all over the world for their brilliant tennis skills and the amount of media coverage they get.

This makes them hot cakes for all the sports goods manufacturers.

So basically, they help in promoting all of these companies products and since wristbands are particularly tiny youll mostly see them with the logos of the manufacturing company.

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A Little Extra Support

Wrists endure a great amount of movement and stress while we play tennis especially backhands.

Carpal bones are those which are a set of eight bones that form the wrist and form its skeletal. The ligaments that connect the wrist and the hand go through a lot of stress and one wrong move could lead to the muscles being completely torn.

There might also be carpal fractures involved.

This is obviously not ideal for a tennis player as wrists are of great importance in a game. The wristbands are so thick that they also provide the support needed for these carpal bones and ligaments.

During the game, these help in reinforcement and help prevent damage especially from the wrong bends for the wrist.

Creating Awareness

Sweatbands don’t really do all the jobs for the players or manufacturing companies they are also now famously used to raise awareness for a cause or even fundraising.

The wristbands are modified by different ideas for particular causes and used then for fundraising.

Furthermore, sporting companies give away money towards fundraising as the wristbands are literally worn by every tennis player.