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Free Tennis Predictions, Tips & Odds will be placed here. What is sport without a punt in fun? That’s what many tennis fans might think and that is also why the sports bookmakers also exist in this world.

While we do not advocate tennis betting, definitely not if you are one of those who run the risk of addiction, it’s always that interesting sense of being involved in the action through putting one’s money in a bid to beat the bookie.

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Tennis betting is big business for bookmakers around the world. What we believe is that till you are having some fun, much like watching tennis itself or watching a movie, it shouldn’t matter too much.

Once you start losing that fun from tennis betting, because you have lost too much money and are trying to regain it, it starts to get to a level where we strongly advise you get some help.

We also like our odd punt but more importantly what we also like doing is trying to help our readers win the small buck with our tennis predictions & tips. While we won’t predict results for every tennis match – no, we don’t think that will be too helpful – what we will definitely give out on is what we believe are useful tennis tips.

It won’t be tournament-dependent as well. We treat every tennis tournament as equal as far as tennis predictions are concerned – if it looks good to us, we will put it up on a daily basis.

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Apart from the advice above, what we would also like to say is to not bet illegally. So, if you are from a country where betting in general and tennis betting in particular isn’t allowed, please don’t do it.

Also if you are from a region where tennis betting is legal, register with only those bookmakers where you can do the same in a legal manner.

Some of the bookmakers with whom you can legally register and bet on tennis matches around the world are, Ladbrokes, and among others.

We will update this page with the latest free tennis predictions, tips & odds for some of our favourite matches. Keep visiting for regular updates!