How to Buy Tennis Tickets

How to Buy Tennis Tickets

The beautiful sport of tennis is one of the most followed in the world and fans often queue up – literally and figuratively – to get their hands on the tennis tickets to some of the most popular tournaments across the world. And you can scroll down if are looking for tennis tickets of a competition of your choice.

The big aspect about buying tickets for tennis tournaments is to know what is the process and when do the tickets get released for that particular tournament. Different tennis competitions have different rules and regulations associated with its ticket sales and has got it all covered for almost every ATP, WTA and Grand Slam tournament of your choice.

Some of the tennis tournaments sell their tickets on their own official website while there are others which tie up with some of the most popular ticketing websites to offer their tickets.

The process involved in buying the tickets to most tennis tournaments is on a first-come-first-served basis, but there are others like Wimbledon where there’s a ballot that is held a few months in advance to give every tennis fan an equal chance to buy a tennis ticket.

The official ATP & WTA websites also are a wealth of information on how to purchase tickets for a tennis tournament. So if you want to book early, do visit those websites.

And while the organisers of some of the tennis tournaments do not like this option, many of the tennis tickets can be purchased using ticket resale websites like or StubHub.

How these websites work is they allow fans who already own tennis tickets but have opted out of watching the matches at the arena, to re-sell them at whatever value they deem to be correct. These resale websites then add their own service costs to the price that the seller offers and if a buyer is interested, a sale happens.

The point to be noted here is that sometimes the price of these tennis tickets could be much higher than the original cost and that might put some of the tennis fans off. However, if you are sharp enough to register on these websites and check them regularly, there could be some wonderful ticket deals that might be on offer.

What we have also tried to do, wherever possible, is to give details on where a tennis tourist can stay close to the venue during the duration of the tournament.

Information on how to buy the latest tennis tickets for the following tournaments is available below.