ATP Next Gen Finals TicketsThe ATP Next Gen Final was first played in 2017 and its popularity in the first season ensured there will be a second season and beyond. The tournament will be played in Fieramilano in Milan, Italy, and will kick-start from November 5, 2018 and if you are looking to watch the tournament from the stadium, you can buy the ATP Next Gen Finals Tickets below.

There’s a lot to like about the concept of the ATP Next Gen Final with the best part of the tournament being its exposure to the players who can be expected to shine in the times to come. Hence, obviously the name too, the Next Gen Finals, i.e. a tournament that’s played between eight of the best Next Gen tennis players in the world.

What’s also very interesting and could push tennis fans into clamoring for the Next Gen Finals tickets is the format itself. It is different from most other competitive tennis and allows for a quicker way of going about it.

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Just like in the first season of the ATP Next Gen Finals, there will be eight players who will take part in the competition this season too. These will be divided into two groups of four apiece, with each player playing three matches each.

The top two players from each group will then proceed to feature in the semi-finals that will be followed by the final.

So far, so good. Sounds like it’s very much like the ATP World Tour Finals. What’s changed you will ask? Well, it’s the way they win matches, has.

Matches will be best of five sets but each set will be won by a player reaching four games. There will be a tie-break much like it happens normally but at 3-3 instead 6-6.

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To expedite the matches, there will be no-ad scoring and no lets, and matches will need to kick-start within five minutes of the arrival of the second player on the court. Players will have 25 seconds to ready themselves to either serve or receive it, and surprise, surprise, fans will be allowed to move around a match.

If you are looking to buy the ATP Next Gen Finals tickets, then the best place to do that is the official website here.

Last season the ticket pricing was anywhere between €20 for the afternoon session matches of the Group Stage to €160 for the Premium seats in the final of the tournament. A full day ticket allowed a 20% discount on the rates mentioned below.

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