“We Will Have to Sleep in Hotels at Airports”: Djokovic on US Open

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Novak Djokovic has revealed the conditions under which the US Open organisers might go ahead with the New York-based grand slam this year and it doesn’t paint a rosy picture.

According to the world number one, the measures announced by US Open sound extreme as they look at a possibility of going ahead with the competition in a coronavirus pandemic-tinged environment.

Djkovic said there will be no Manhattan access for players and their stay will be restricted to hotels close to the airport.

He added players will have to undergo coronavirus testing at least two or three times during the week and only one person will be allowed inside the club. Djokovic expressed his surprise at these measures and called it impossible to go ahead with them, especially the last one in which players need the likes of a coach, fitness trainer and physiotherapist during tournaments.

Speaking to a Serbian television network, Djokovic said he had had a chat with “the leaders of world tennis” and while there seems to be a general push in the direction of resuming the season, the rules could be hard to implement.

Earlier, Rafael Nadal, the men’s world number two, had already expressed his views about holding the US Open at this point of time.

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The Spaniard had said if the US Open was to go ahead at that very moment, he would have to withdraw from it.

Interestingly, there have been reports of New York expecting to host both, the ‘Cincinnati’ Masters and the US Open. However, with two of the top players having expressed their not-so-positive views and Roger Federer having said the competitions should wait till fans can also be allowed, it remains to be how the organisers can convince them into playing.

The US Open was scheduled to start on August 31 but more details are now awaited from the organisers who had earlier said they would take a call by June whether or not it would go ahead.

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